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Eric “Travis” Wilson has been playing music for money since age 14 and has spent a lifetime coloring outside the lines.  That's a kind way of saying "not following instructions or common sense."  His early-80s band Mondo Vita sported the requisite multicolored hair and skinny clothing of the day, and appeared on every TV station Seattle had to offer.  They also populated their stage with living room furniture, using floor lamps and a laundry hamper as guitar speakers.  This made them both a local nightclub favorite and a source of bewilderment among the Aqua Net crowd.


In the 90s "Travis" formed the world’s only Country-Metal-Rap band, Travis Shredd and the Good Ol’ Homeboys.  He released Headbanger's Squaredance in 1993.  He followed that with 668: The Neighbor Of The Beast and Nashville Drive-By, gaining national radio airplay and hot rotation on Seattle's #1 Country station, #1 Rock station, #1 R&B station, and college radio station . . . simultaneously.  During this period he was also a featured musician and singer on "Twisted Tunes," the brainchild of Seattle radio personality Bob Rivers.


"Travis" relocated to Las Vegas from Seattle in early 2003.  For his first year in Las Vegas, Eric performed his solo show every Friday and Saturday night at the Red Rooster…one of the world’s most notorious swinger’s clubs.  Based on his previous 15 years as an audio engineer and college audio instructor, the job of sound designer for the Penn & Teller show was dumped in his lap.  As a result, he took a major sidetrack into Las Vegas Sound Guy World, working for Wayne Newton, Liza Minelli, Earth Wind and Fire, The Beach Boys, The Go Go's, Jim Belushi, Rodney Carrington, Carrot Top, Menopause The Musical, and Fantasy.  He was the sound editor on the feature film The Aristocrats.  His other audio clients include HBO, ESPN2, CBS, BBC, and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.


Since moving to Las Vegas, "Travis" has also played jazz drums at the Monte Carlo in Houdini’s Lounge, and at the Double Down.  He played guitar in Andrea Boccelli's band at the Latin Grammy Awards.  He has played guitar at the Golden Nugget with the Lon Bronson band and sung with Latina sensation Claudine Castro.  He wrote and recorded the music for "Love Tapes" at the Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles.  He was a regular cast member of the Las Vegas production of Naked Boys Singing.  And he has been known to appear as a Burlesque performer when the mood strikes, in "Live Burlesque In Las Vegas."